Davis Stepping Stones

The Davis Stepping Stones programme is for autistic children 8 years and under or individuals over 8 years with limited verbal ability and for individuals who do not yet have receptive language skills.

This is the beginning steps to the Davis Autism Aproach and is a gentle non-invasive approach that supports individuals to participate more fully in life. The purpose is to provide the structure for essential life lessons to be added into the identity - these early childhood development stages may have been reduced, blocked or missed due to having characteristics of autism. These foundational concepts are introduced using a multi-sensory approach, moulding the ideas with a non-sticky clay.

These are the foundations for participating fully in life from an early age. Guided techniques are given that support emotional well-being, equipping individuals with the ability to manage self and self's emotions.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is suitable for autistic children younger than 8 years, individuals over 8 years with limited verbal ability and individuals with no receptive language as yet, and who are struggling with:

  • focus
  • behaviour
  • relationships
  • self-regulation
  • executive functioning
  • meeting developmental milestones.


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What does this programme consist of?

A Davis Stepping Stones programme consists of:

  • 15-30 hours of one-to-one facilitation in partnership with a support person, who will work alongside with us
  • personalised attention given to the individuals' learning needs, working together, at a pace that best suits the client
  • all materials required for the programme and home-based follow-up work
  • self-regulation tools for the helper and individual
  • exploration of the concepts in the real world
  • post programme support/work sessions
  • continued email and phone consultation with your facilitator, as required
  • the needs of the individual and the support person are important to us and out intention is to create a collaborative, supportive approach; this will look different for different families
  • once the client is ready for the next steps, a discussion and follow-up plan is developed.

Delivery Options

  • Fully faciliatated
  • Facilitated and coached
  • Attend a 2 day workshop to learn how to take the individual through the programme.
  • Self-directed, using the manual to take an individual through the programme.


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