Transforming lives

Remarkable Minds provides specifically tailored programmes and tools that give neurodivergent people the unique and ultimate method to succeed in life.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • People are at the centre of everything we do
  • We celebrate everyone’s unique strengths
  • We operate with integrity - always
  • We communicate in a way that is respectful & kind
  • We believe in the power of the collective & honour the principles of Participation, Partnership and Protection.

Thinking With Pictures


At the heart of what we do is a passion for transforming lives - guiding people to understand their learning style, to take control of their beautiful minds eye, and to show them how they can use it, to reach their potential. Because they think with pictures, they must learn how to use this way of thinking, to their advantage.

What We Do

Sculpting Ideas

One of the tools we use in our programmes is the medium of clay. The clay allows the transfer, of pictured thoughts, out into the world. This sculpting of ideas is a method of mastery, and what is created is then remembered.

Clearing Chaos

The clay ideas are added to our identity, and then, we can work from them, because we are able to use them in all of our future thinking processes, in our communication, and in ways that solve confusions with language; that clears feelings of chaos.

Life-Changing Results

Then, we can create structure, and develop strategies, to create a vision for ourselves, that fits with our greatest passion. It’s with ease that we can see , sometimes for the first time, that our brain is intact, our ability to learn, to grow, to change and to feel satisfied with ourselves, is a fact.


Our Team

At our core is a passion for transforming lives, and we will do this together, with you. We promote equality, connecting you to your potential, to the realisation of what you are capable of; to become leaders in your own life.  When we pull and work together we are in partnership, symbolizing unity and strength. From this place we begin the journey together.

Vanessa Victor

My journey on this path started in 2007, with my dyslexic son and trying to find a way to help him. He was struggling at school and I could see my bright, confident, happy boy becoming less confident and sure of himself. I was desperate to help him and understand him. I read the Gift of Dyslexia, and at last someone was describing my son and what was happening for him.

Completing a Davis Dyslexia Programme changed his life and mine!. After one week he was confident and he could read !. This led me to my own realisation that I was Dyslexic, so I completed my own programme  and  this inspired me  to  find my profession and my life passion. 

So Why am I a Davis facilitator and Remarkable Minds Change-Coach? Because I believe that every individual should feel confident about themselves, their abilities and who they are. To accept themselves, feel confident and secure in who they are.  Enabling people to harness their differences, understand themselves and the way their brain works, how they can function and thrive in life is what I love to do. I have always loved helping people, and sharing the journey of transformation that happens during a programme is something I am grateful for everyday!.

This passion for raising awareness and understanding of dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions led me to be one of the founders of Truth About Dyslexia, a thriving online community for Adult dyslexics, I am also the maker of a video series called My Dyslexic Life.

Vanessa Victor
Licensed Davis Facilitator
Licensed Davis Autism / Concepts for Life Facilitator
Remarkable Minds Coach

Becky Smith

I am first and foremost a mother to two amazing boys who are both wonderful, caring, kind human beings. They also happen to be neurodiverse and amazingly talented, creative people.

My journey to Remarkable Minds has been through my boys whom I have supported, encouraged, advocated for and nurtured through their school and life journeys. I am very proud that my eldest is now at University and holds no shame or fear of being neurodiverse. I consider that an enormous success in my life.

My passion has always been to support and care for others and this has led me to become a Doula, a Life Coach and a Teaching Assistant. All have played significant roles in my life.

My most recent experiences have led me to be co-owner of a Social Enterprise called Make Give Live, which had at its heart the creation of kind and supportive communities, which were age inclusive and nurturing of those with mental health issues. I have taught knitting in a residential support facility for young girls going through difficult times and I feel extremely privileged to now be working with the wonderful group of ladies here at Remarkable Minds.

Our passion for supporting and caring for those that are finding life difficult is shared and strong and I couldn’t be happier to support these wonderful Davis facilitators to thrive and transform the lives of those they work with. 

Becky Smith

Sandra Hartnett

Who I am is a parent, grandparent, a friend, and colleague; a facilitator and change-coach, in Remarkable Minds. 

Through my dyslexia, something I discovered about myself in mid-life, I completed my first Davis programme.  This discovery opened many doors to personal and professional change.  Significantly, training to facilitate others with the Davis methods.  My three children completed their Davis programmes and have not stopped grabbing at opportunities since.  

I have had varying life experiences, as a people-manager for a telecommunications company, a parent advocate and correspondence teacher-guide to my children, a restaurant/cafe owner, and for 7 years, working in mental health, encouraging and supporting people toward mental health wellness.

Why do I do this? Transforming every life with the Davis techniques is in my heart.  My passion is for you to securely imagine a sense of belonging, to know you can effortlessly contribute to your own and others lives, participating in everything that thrills you; seeing the opportunities and taking action, making connections and decisions with ease.  We at Remarkable Minds have got this.

Sandra Hartnett
Licensed Davis Facilitator
Licensed Davis Autism / Concepts for Life Facilitator Remarkable Minds Coach

Shelley McMeeken

I have been working with neurodiverse individuals, including dyslexia and autism for 20 years, after searching for answers for my own child – and along the journey discovered neurodiversity was strong in me - and our entire family.  I discovered Ron Davis’ book; ‘The Gift of Dyslexia’ which made complete sense to everything I had recognised in our own bright children - and so I began a journey.  My child completed the programme and after one week, the change in her self esteem and confidence was palpable.  The change after one year was extraordinary - teachers were no longer recognising them as ‘dyslexic’ - or ‘a problem’. 

I realised how powerful and important this work was and began training as a facilitator. I have since completed additional training to become a Licensed Davis Training Supervisor in both dyslexia and autism. I am honoured to be a Trustee of the Dyslexia Foundation of NZ, an organisation close to my heart.  My children are both now adults and are fully participating in life, happy and successful in their careers.

I am an empathetic, passionate and committed advocate for those who learn and see the world differently.  I love bringing this work to the world and helping others to transform their lives by understanding their unique learning preferences.  I am so fortunate to work with the committed and passionate women at Remarkable Minds. 

Shelley Mc Meeken
Licensed Davis Supervisor/Specialist
Licensed Autism / Concepts for Life Facilitator
Training Supervisor
Trustee, Dyslexia Foundation of NZ

The result of working with Remarkable Minds is that our clients feel confident in their abilities and in achieving whatever it is that they set out to do.

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