Life Skills for adults, teens and children

Gain life skills, remove barriers, refresh and re-start, move forward.

Establish and work from a new framework & experience a positive shift in your life, learning, relationships or work.

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Gain Life Skills

Through our Davis Concepts For Life® Programme, you can:

  • improve your personal and professional relationships
  • have tools that effectively manage stress and anxiety
  • feel confident in making decisions
  • know when to take responsibility - and when NOT to
  • organise yourself at work and at home
  • plan and complete tasks with ease
  • connect to your energy levels, manage your emotions and create self motivation
  • take action - no more procrastination

Davis Concepts for Life is a powerful approach for adults, teens and children to improve executive functioning skills.

It is possible to form and maintain positive relationships, reduce stress and anxiety, manage time and understand what is your responsibility and what is not.

You can have the ability to focus attention, plan and be organised, complete tasks, reason and problem solve and personally manage emotions and behaviours.

For the adult who is open to self-development and the willingness to gain a greater awareness of who they are and how they can better function in the world - this programme provides the answers.

For the child who struggles to make sense of the world, how he fits into it, misunderstand cause and effect and consequence, and yearns to belong - this programme provides the answers.


I've tried lots of things to manage my ADHD, but it was this programme that really helped me connect the dots on how to really manage myself and get things done.

Daniel, 36


I think because for the first time, we are working on the root cause for my chaotic life and not just the symptoms, I'm calm and organised. It's life changing!

Greg, 35

These concepts are making the fog of life disappear. They're making me more relaxed and able to accept things in life. The things I can change and the things I can't and that there's more that I can change than I ever thought possible. My life if clear.

Michelle, 26

Adults & Teens

After working through our one-to-one programme you will be able to:

  • manage your stress and focus
  • use your energy levels effectively and be able to self regulate
  • improve your ability to listen and take in what is being said
  • understand and gain insight into what consequence is, and the relationship between cause and effect
  • improve time management
  • be more organised in work and life
  • have awareness of the role that emotion play in self-motivation
  • recognise different types of relationships, and understand acceptable behaviours within them
  • have the enhanced ability to make decisions based on what is right or wrong for self.
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After working through our one-to-one programme your child will be able to:

  • use new tools to control attention
  • release feelings of overwhelm
  • understand and be better able to manage personal energy levels
  • create order in the world with thoughts, feelings, objects, behaviours
  • have an awareness of self and others
  • get along with others more readily and easily
  • develop positive behaviour patterns
  • understand what they can be responsible for and what is not theirs to control
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