Davis Autism Approach

The Davis Autism Approach programme is beneficial for everyone 8 years and above who wants a transformation in how they function in the world. It provides a structure to engage with the world in a new way, and at the same time, in essence, remain who you are.

The programme has three parts, beginning with guiding the individual to orientate to the world, this happens with listening to a specific auditory sound that brings all the senses into harmony and allows for individuation - or becoming a separate self from others.

Essential life concepts are facilitated and added into the identity of the individual, and this is experienced by modeling the ideas in clay; a multi-sensory kinesthetic approach. These are then explored in daily life, and once integrated, the individual will think with the ideas, all future experiences will be filtered through this new framework.

The final piece provides the structure for engagaing in social relationships, having the ability to understand the kinds of different relationships we have with others, and the emotions and behaviours that serve us in the relationship.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is suitable for any autistic individual 8 years and above, who has receptive language and who experiences difficulties in any of the following:

  • ​forming and maintaining relationships
  • managing overwhelm and feelings of confusion and distress
  • understanding and maintaining personal boundaries with others
  • the ability to organise and understand what is important to self
  • trying new things
  • identifying and communicating thoughts and feelings
  • being flexible
  • having and experiencing personal hopes and dreams
  • participating fully in life.
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What does this programme consist of?

A Davis Autism Approach programme consists of:

  • 60-120 hours of one-to-one facilitation
  • personalised attention given to the individuals' learning needs, working together at a pace that best suits the client
  • all materials required for the programme and home-based follow-up work
  • exploration of the concepts in the real world
  • coaching and support provided to a support person
  • post programme support/work sessions
  • continued email and phone consultation with your facilitator, as required
  • the needs of the individual and the support person are important to us, and our intention is the create a collaborative, supportive approach; this will look different for different people.


Delivery Options

  • Fully faciliatated
  • Facilitated and coached
  • Attend a 5 day workshop to learn how to take the individual through the programme.


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I see street lights in my life instead of pitch blackness - possibilities are ahead. I'm more aware, I understand consequence and cause and effect. I can predict things now.

Caroline, 21


I'm gaining a greater ability to consider myself and my responsibilities, and how to balance those with the needs and expectations of others in an authentic and sustainable way. A+++ would play with clay and chat concepts again.

Ben, 29 

This programme has enabled me to become who I'm meant to be, rather than pushing me out in a pre-determined shape. It helps the good parts of autism to shine through, so I can be my best self. And that's so important, because those of us with autism really do have something to contribute to this world.


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