Life Skills for Adults & Teens

The Davis Concepts for Life programme is an empowering solution for anyone who wants to create meaningful change in their life by exploring and mastering the mechanics of the physical world, the thought world, the emotion world, motivation and self-responsibility.

You will be guided through a set of self-regulations strategies that can be easily learned and applied. Then we use the multi-sensory medium of clay to model core life and relationship concepts, creating positive strategies and outcomes for self. Real life experiences in the environment will add a solid understanding of the concepts and allow the individual to create meaningful change.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is suitable for adults and teens who are experiencing difficulties with any of the following:

  • making decisions and following through
  • completing tasks
  • managing time, arriving on time, estimating the passage of time
  • planning prioritising
  • remembering information and recalling the information
  • fleeing overwhelmed, anxious and stressed
  • the ability to regulate emotions
  • knowing how and when to take responsibility
  • feelings of chaos
  • forming and maintaining relationships.
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What does this programme consist of?

A Davis Concepts for Life programme consists of:

  • 60-120 hours of one-to-one facilitation
  • personalised attention given to the individuals' learning needs and goals
  • all materials required for the programme and home-based follow-up work
  • exploration of the concepts in the real world
  • coaching and support provided to a support person if required
  • post programme support/work sessions
  • continued email and phone consultation with your facilitator, as required.
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What is involved in a Davis Concepts for Life Program?

Every individual has unique needs, which is why we have developed a variety of options to choose from, so the program can be tailored to best suit each individual.

The programme will be carried out over a minimum of 30 hours

Self-regulation strategies and tools:  These equip the person with a set of self-regulation strategies that can be easily learned and applied.

Davis Life Concepts: This component of the program instils missing life concepts by using the multisensory medium of clay to model core concepts and capabilities.

The most effective way to consolidate this learning is through experience. After each concept is created in the clay, the participant explores the concept in the real world alongside their Davis Facilitator or support person. The aim is to have many varied experiences of how the concept exists in the individual’s day-to-day surroundings.

These experiences are essential, as they enable the participant to integrate the concept into their own identity and establish an internal ‘filing system’ that provides the foundations for future thinking and behavior.

​Physically interacting with these concepts in the environment facilitates a deeper understanding of these life’s lessons. It also enables the participant to transfer their understanding across situations within their daily life, which develops their executive functioning skills.

Implementing meaningful change: This stage of the Davis Concepts for Life Program focuses on helping the individual to apply the concepts in their life to create meaningful change. The desired changes will depend on each person’s specific needs, capacity and situation.

  • Establishing order in the physical environment
  • Learning how to use the concepts to establish order, determine order, and create and maintain order.
  • Creating new behaviors
  • Exploring behaviors that have had negative consequences and using the learned concepts to create more positive outcomes and strategies.
  • Developing self-responsibility
  • Identifying which life concepts may have been missing or only partially integrated in the person’s life, and learning a strategy to foster self-responsibility by applying these newly mastered concepts in real-world situations.
  • Strengthening executive functioning skills
  • Developing and integrating the core concepts to improve self-regulation skills.
  • Improving social integration
  • Exploring concepts that create foundations for positive, healthy relationships and behaviors with others.
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