Davis Maths Mastery Programme

The Davis Maths Mastery Programme is a solution for adults and children 8 years and above who are experiencing difficulty with mastering maths functions and concepts, learning times-tables, sequencing and basic maths facts.

It is an individual, intensive, empowering approach to maths. The programme looks at the root cause of maths difficulties that are also known as acalculia and dyscalculia, and provides a correction strategy.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is suitable for anyone 8 years and above who is experiencing difficulties in any of the following:

  • ​reversing of numerals - e.g. 36 written as 63
  • problems with maths functions - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, e.g 5+2 being read as 5x2
  • problems with estimating or counting in money e.g how much change or balancing accounts
  • learning and remembering times tables
  • understanding numbers, numerals and counting
  • difficulty telling the time, or using a calendar
  • poor time management and keeping track of time
  • problems understanding place value
  • problems understanding decimals and fractions
  • difficulty comprehending word problems
  • sequence and logic
  • difficulty understanding quantities, measurements and estimations
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What does this programme consist of?

A Maths Mastery Programme consists of:

  • 8-10 days of one-to-one facilitation
  • personalised attention given to client’s learning needs and goals
  • all materials required for the programme and for home-based follow-up work
  • training for a family member (or friend) for home support
  • 3 post-programme sessions with the facilitator
  • continued email and phone consultation with the facilitator, as required
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I know what’s going on and find maths a lot easier, I’m not as stressed as I was

Martha, age 15


I have become a lot more aware of myself I feel I know myself better, more self-reliant, more confident in maths and general life.  I’m more detached from drama’s that go on.  I stand back and see them for what they are.  I feel better about my life and who  am and what I’m like

Sasha, age 17

I am more confident, I can skip count in 7’s and I can do division!

Rocco, age 11

Completing a programme with Remarkable Minds provides tools and strategies to overcome problems with reading, spelling, writing, numeracy and attention.


There are many other benefits to the programme including increased self-esteem.


All of our programmes are available online or in person.  Get in touch with us to discuss the best options for you.

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