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Welcome to Remarkable Minds.  We provide creative solutions to guide neurodiverse individuals to recognise and fulfil the potential in their lives.

Marcus, age 36

I have a sense of reassurance of who I am being, capable and comfortable with how I am.  It feels I can achieve that, as I have the tools knowledge and understanding to do that now.  A foundation in life skills that were causing a lot of static frequency.

Lizzie, age 15

Doing the Davis Programme has really helped my ability to read, write and focus.  Since completing the programme I no longer accidentally re-read the same sentence and my spelling and writing have improved significantly.

Cole, aged 9

Letters and words always looked like they had fuzz and candy floss around them - now that is gone, and I can see them straight and clear - and now I can read them.  When I use my tools I don’t feel tired and things are much easier.


If you want to understand yourself, how you think and experience a positive shift in life, relationships or work then we can help you.


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A revolutionary approach to autism that honours who you are, where you are, and will allow you to fully participate in life.


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Get answers, insights and the right support and tools to see your child thrive in a way you never would have thought possible.


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Are you seeking help with dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, organisation, executive function or life skills?

Do you want to function and thrive in a world that doesn’t seem to make sense to you?

Our clients come to us feeling stressed, confused and overwhelmed, and just one week into our programme find they experience real tangible change in their confidence, reading ability, life, social skills and self-worth.

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At the heart of what we do is a passion for transforming lives, in guiding people to understand their learning style, to take control of their beautiful imagination, and to show them how they can use it, to reach their potential. Because they think with pictures, they must learn how to use this way of thinking, to their advantage.

About Remarkable Minds

"I am less forgetful, I am more calm about everything, I find it easier to read.

Jacob, 44 years old

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